Proyekt Studio | Services



  • Contractor Selection Assistance
  • Contract Bidding


Construction Phase

  • Construction Administration
  • Shop Drawing Review
  • Field Visits



  • Architectural Design
  • Sustainable Design
  • Construction Documents & Specifications
  • Construction Permit Procurement
  • Chicago Fast Building Permits (Architect’s Self-Certification)
  • Civil Engineering
  • HVAC Engineering
  • Structural Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Landscape Architecture



  • Zoning Analysis
  • Site Planning
  • Space Planning
  • Presentation Models and RenderingsGregory P Ziomek is a Chicago Self-Certified Architect. The City has pre-qualified Gregory as a select licensed professional that can certify that your project meets city building code, eliminating the traditional lengthy Chicago permit review process. For many projects, including new buildouts of stores, restaurants, and offices in existing buildings, Gregory can fill out the permit application over the internet, schedule a meeting with the City, and walk out of the meeting with your construction permit. Please contact Proyekt Studio to see if your project qualifies for the Architects’ Self-Certification Program.


Interior Design

  • Millwork & Cabinetry Design
  • Interior Finish Selection

Home Inspection

  • Residential Pre-purchase Inspections for:
    • Single Family Homes
    • Condominiums
    • Multi Unit Housing
    • Town Homes
  • New Construction and Rehab Inspections
  • Multiple site visits while Construction is being performed when requested.
  • Commercial & Retail Property
  • Inspections typically include:
    • Structural Systems
      Foundation, building support systems
    • Exterior
      Roof, ventilation, siding materials, windows, doors, caulking, gutters/downspouts, decks
    • Site/Grounds
      Sidewalks, driveway, garage, patios, drainage/grading, fences, retaining walls
    • Electrical
      Service supply, distribution, main/sub panels, outlets, switches, GFCI testing, grounding
    • Central Heating & Cooling System
      Type, components, size, fuels, condition, functionality, approximate age, distribution, ventilation
    • Plumbing
      Water supply, distribution piping, water heaters, fuel supply, drain/waste/vent piping, sinks, fixtures, water flow/pressure
    • Interior
      Walls, ceilings, floors, attic, windows, stairways, hand railings, smoke detectors, fireplaces, kitchen and appliances, insulation
    • Basement
      Foundation walls, cracks, crawl spaces, window wells, water penetration detection, sump pumps, flood control systems, floor joists, columns
    • Standards & Practices:
      All inspection procedures performed by Gregory Ziomek, follow the guidelines of the State of Illinois and ASHI, American Society of Home Inspectors.We will meet you at the prospective property you are purchasing and perform a whole house/building comprehensive inspection, compiling information on over 250 items for evaluation and comment. A detailed component/element evaluation will be prepared during the inspection, and be ready for delivery within just 48 hours. Most reports are completed for delivery the same day!


United Brotherhood of Carpenters


LEED Green Associate